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Sheree Fowler, Broker, CRS, GRI, ABR, CNE
Berkshire Hathaway Montana Properties

120 S 5th, Ste 201
Hamilton, MT 59840
406-360-2448 Cell/Text
Email: TheHatLady@BitterrootProperties.com
Locations in Hamilton, Stevensville, Florence & Missoula


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Bought a Multi Family home in 2011 in Hamilton, MT. Sheree was very diligent in the process of our home purchase in Hamilton. It was a bit more complicated since we were in Virginia when we were going through most of the steps. But we were confident in her abilities and experience, taking a lot of the stress out of the process. Buster and Ayla
“Sheree, Many things in life are difficult, but you were there to help! Thanks for going beyond the call of duty. Without you we wouldn't have found our "Montana Dream Home." Jim and Cari Cloud
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The Bitterroot Valley is flanked to the west by the Bitterroot National Forest and to the east by the Sapphire Mountains, with the Bitterroot River running through it!!    Craving wide-open spaces and uncongested trails?  Seeking the perfect fly fishing hole? Yearning for amazing mountain views or Privacy tucked away in the trees close to the mountains and trailheads?  Western Montana has it all!!


THIS SITE IS FOR YOU!  With access to 1,000's of properties currently listed for sale - Let's find your new home! 
Enjoy your visit and explore everything this realty site offers, including Bitterroot Valley real estate listings, Hamilton real estate listings, Corvallis real estate listings, Victor real estate Listings, Stevensville real estate listings, Darby and Sula real estate listings, Florence real estate listings and Missoula area real estate.  We specialize in foreclosures, homes, ranches, luxury estates, mountain retreats and log cabins.

Use Quick Search or Map Search to browse an up-to-date database list of all available properties in the area, or use my Dream Home Finder form and I'll conduct a personalized search for you -  Based on your specific criteria, I can search all properties currently available for sale and send them to you, whether you are searching for your next Montana home, Montana ranch or Horse Property, Investment Property, Luxury Home, Montana Hunting Property, Montana Ranches of all sizes, Montana Waterfront Properties, Mountain Cabins, or even Off the Grid properties!!!

You will also find information for homebuyers and sellers, and more About Me, your professional Hamilton Realtor, along with valued testimonials.


You need a professional!  If you're planning to sell your home or ranch in the next few months, nothing is more important than getting all the details and information about recent sales and current market conditions.  It has never been more important to price competitively than in today's market.  I would be happy to provide you with a FREE MARKET ANALYSIS.  I will use comparable sold listings to help you determine the accurate market value of your real estate, offering sound advise.  Just DON'T MAKE A MOVE WITHOUT ME!!


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A Closer Look at CES’s Game Changers

ces-logoAt CES 2018, the consumer electronics’ mega show in Las Vegas this week, I hung out with robots, tried out the latest VR headsets, and talked—yes, talked—to a host of appliances, from a bathroom mirror to a refrigerator. After scouring the show floor, I found several products this year that hold real potential to shake up the real estate market. In the video below, I outlined what I think is some of the best tech I saw at the show this year. But of course, my rankings are subjective so use the poll below to vote for your favorite!

Check out all of REALTOR® Mag’s CES 2018 coverage.


Which of these 10 game changers from CES 2018 has the most potential to impact your business?

Get Smarter About Smart Homes

ces-logoConsumers are increasingly curious about smart home technology, and they’re turning to real estate agents as a vital resource for information. Forty-two percent of consumers recently surveyed say they would look to their real estate agent to provide suggestions about how staging their home with smart-home products could impact their sale, according to a new survey conducted by Coldwell Banker. The company presented their findings at the consumer electronics’ mega event, CES 2018, which is taking place in Las Vegas this week. Coldwell Banker is a sponsor of the Smart Home Marketplace at this year’s show.

“Our consumer findings underscore the need for industrywide smart-home education for real estate sales agents,” says Charlie Young, president and CEO of Coldwell Banker Real Estate.

Our interview with David Marine, senior vice president of marketing at Coldwell Banker, delves further into what real estate professionals can expect from buyers and sellers over the next few years:

CES2018: Smart Homes, Robots, and More

The technology industry’s mega event, known as CES, kicks off in Las Vegas this week, and thousands of companies are gearing up to show off their latest innovations. And this year’s trade show promises plenty for the real estate industry as well.
This will be my third run covering CES from Las Vegas, and it’s one of the few conferences that brings the city to a practical standstill. More than 3,900 companies are showing off products throughout the city’s hotels and convention center. I’ll admit it can be overwhelming; people zoom by on Hoverboards, drones swarm overhead, televisions loom larger than your eyes can take in, booming speakers rattle you to the core, cars drive by on their own, and random robots rush up to greet you. Thankfully, when you need to escape from all the flashiness, you can slip on a VR headset and become immersed in the sight and sounds of the beaches of Tahiti. While the CES show floor is a wild sight, it does offer one of the best glimpses into the technology that could rock the real estate world in the next few years. And I’m here to find the tools that may transform the way you conduct showings, advance how you market properties, and make your mobile office even more efficient.

In preparation, hundreds of PR folks have flooded my voicemail and email inboxes, all with promises that they hold the next big thing for your business. Do they? We’ll see. As the week wears on, you can see our extended coverage from the show floor detailing product debuts, tech news, and our annual video countdown to the biggest game-changers for your business.

Here are a few categories that I’m keeping my eye on at this year’s show:

  • Smart home tech: These devices are getting more sophisticated, easier to use, and more affordable. Our favorite artificial intelligence tools—Amazon’s Alexa, Siri, and Google Home—are being folded in to ever more products. I’ll be scouting the show floor for more innovations in the smart-home arena. For the third consecutive year, Coldwell Banker will be sponsoring the Smart Home Marketplace, so we’ll also check in to hear what they see as the most important innovations for real estate pros.
  • Smart cities: Technology is expected to reshape our cities, combining artificial intelligence, data analytics, electric grids, public safety, and intelligent transportation. Global spending on smart city initiatives is projected to reach more than $34 billion by 2020. I’ll be looking to understand how municipalities are planning to connect communities in new ways with more sensors that can do everything from monitoring air quality to alerting police when the sound of gunshots are detected.
  • 5G: This super-fast wireless speed, which is supposed to be 100 times faster and five times more responsive than what we currently use, is coming to a smart phone near you. AT&T and Verizon are expected to give status updates on the fifth-generation network technology during this year’s show. How will the ability to transfer and upload information instantly change your business?
  • Driverless cars: The technology may still be a ways off from your local lanes, but more autonomous driving features are gradually hitting the roadways. This will transform the way our economy and the built environment function, which is why it’s vital for real estate professionals to understand.
  • Robots: Virtual tours via robots? They’re already happening. While real estate professionals aren’t in danger of being replaced by robots, some are excited by the idea of showings becoming easier. I’ll be looking for new ways robots could become your next office assistant.
  • Drones: It wouldn’t be a proper CES show without drones buzzing in the air. What are the latest advances in capturing property photos from the sky? The technology is getting easier to use, and a bodyguard-like drone has me intrigued.
  • Virtual reality: VR headsets allow you to take buyers inside of a listing from anywhere in the world. Real estate pros have already been experimenting with the technology, but I’m looking forward to checking in on the latest developments from CES.

There’s plenty more. Smart appliances, cameras, and of course, there are always those unexpected exhibitors who manage to make you raise your eyebrow as you walk by—was that a laundry folding robot? I’ll definitely be stopping by to get his card!

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